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In this section, we will explore the Screen Resize tool, which helps you create layouts that adjust to different screen sizes. This tool allows you to trigger actions based on the canvas size, making it essential for adapting your projects to various screen dimensions.

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Introduction to Spline

Learn 3D design, UI animations, icons, components, variables, screen resizing, scrolling, and optimize and publish 3D assets online



3D Shapes and Materials

Creating a 3D Icon in Spline: a step-by-step guide



Weather Icon and Sculpting

Master the art of 3D design with Spline's user-friendly interface, and learn how to create a stunning weather icon in a few easy steps.



Icon Animation

Learn to build a 3D animated weather icon using Spline's intuitive interface and powerful features



Path Animation

Learn how to create 3D paths with the path tool and to edit them



Waves Animation

Mastering Wave Animation with the Spline 3D Tool



3D Card with Parallax

Creating a 3D Card with Parallax Effect using a glass layer



Button Components

Simplify Your Design Workflow with Spline Components for Reusable and Dynamic Object Creation



Screen Resize Adaptive Layout

Creating adaptive layouts with Screen Resize Events using Breakpoints and Transitions



Tab Bar Animation

Crafting Futuristic UI: Designing a Glass Tab Bar with Crystal Floating Button using Spline



UI Charts and Variables

Exploring Variables Usage in Interactive UI Design



Scroll Interaction and Scenes

Crafting Scroll-Based Interactions and Scenes for Web Design



Export to USDZ and Optimizations

Creating immersive AR experiences on iOS devices using Spline's 3D models



Publish to 3D Site

Easily embed your 3D creations on web pages using Spline's native HTML component, the Spline Viewer


Meet the instructor

We all try to be consistent with our way of teaching step-by-step, providing source files and prioritizing design in our courses.

Sourasith Phomhome

UI Designer

Designer at Design+Code


12 courses - 42 hours

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3D UI Interactive Web Design with Spline

Learn to create 3D designs and UI interactions such as 3D icons, UI animations, components, variables, screen resize, scrolling interactions, as well as exporting, optimizing, and publishing your 3D assets on websites

3 hrs

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Design and Prototype for iOS 17 in Figma

Crafting engaging experiences for iOS 17 and visionOS using the Figma design tool. Learn about Figma's new prototyping features, Dev Mode, variables and auto layout.

6 hrs

course logo

Design and Prototype Apps with Midjourney

A comprehensive course on transforming Midjourney concepts into interactive prototypes using essential design techniques and AI tools

7 hrs

course logo

iOS Design with Midjourney and Figma

Learn the fundamentals of App UI design and master the art of creating beautiful and intuitive user interfaces for mobile applications

1 hrs

course logo

UI Design for iOS, Android and Web in Sketch

Create a UI design from scratch using Smart Layout, Components, Prototyping in Sketch app

1 hrs

course logo

UI Design a Camera App in Figma

Design a dark, vibrant and curvy app design from scratch in Figma. Design glass icons, lens strokes and realistic buttons.

1 hrs

course logo

UI Design for iOS 16 in Sketch

A complete guide to designing for iOS 16 with videos, examples and design files

3 hrs

course logo

Prototyping in Figma

Learn the basics of prototyping in Figma by creating interactive flows from custom designs

1 hrs

course logo

UI Design Quick Websites in Figma

Learn how to design a portfolio web UI from scratch in Figma

1 hrs

course logo

UI Design Android Apps in Figma

Design Android application UIs from scratch using various tricks and techniques in Figma

2 hrs

course logo

UI Design Quick Apps in Figma

Design application UIs from scratch using various tricks and techniques in Figma

12 hrs

course logo

Figma Handbook

A comprehensive guide to the best tips and tricks in Figma

4 hrs