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Previously, we established the core structure of our spatial design by creating the window and integrating UI components. This section will explore the fundamental elements of a successful design: materials, typography, and color. Also, I will provide tips and best practices for creating custom layouts.

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iOS 17 Design

Understand the fundamental design elements to help you create rich experiences for iOS 17 and vision OS



UI Kit

Create a simple and efficent UI design using the UI Kit provide by Apple




Build the foundation of the design by using wireframes, applying the UI Kit, and exploring inspiration and UI patterns



AI Images with Midjourney

Exploring high-quality images sources and utilizing Midjourney for placeholder generation in design



Colors and Gradients

Understanding the iOS 17 color system and how to use monochromatic, analogous and complementary colors



iOS 17 Typography

Master the art of iOS 17 typography and enhance your design skills with the latest typography techniques



SF Symbols 5

Add vitality, movement, and dynamism to your symbols with animation, the latest update to Apple's SF Symbols library



Spatial Design Principles

Discover the fundamentals of spatial design



visionOS UI Components

Learn how this platform can transform your app from a screen to a spatial dimension



visionOS Materials and Typography

Learn about ergonomic and how to create layouts that work with the new eye-focus feedback and incorporate materials, typography, and colors



visionOS SF Symbols and App Icons

Exploring the visionOS App Icon and Integrating SF Symbols into the Design



Figma Variables

Unleashing the power of variables, master the revolutionary new feature in Figma



Advanced Prototyping with Variables

Master dynamic prototyping and harness the power of Figma's new variables feature for advanced design exploration



Travel App Structure

The first step of our design process is to build the structure of our design with shapes and apply the UI Kit



Typography and Icons

Learn about typography and incorporate it into our design, including icons



New Auto Layout

Uncover Auto Layout, master its effective usage, and build intricate layouts with confidence



Colors and Gradients

Elevate your UI design by infusing vibrant colors and captivating gradients to make it truly stand out



Images and Tab Bar

Finalize the design by creating the tab bar, adding Midjourney images, and designing buttons



Icon and Cards Animation

Mastering dynamic prototyping: unleashing interactive designs with Figma



Tab Bar and Scrolling Content

Mastering tab bar design and seamless scrolling content



Button Interactions and Transitions

Mastering dynamic prototyping: create engaging button interaction


Meet the instructor

We all try to be consistent with our way of teaching step-by-step, providing source files and prioritizing design in our courses.

Sourasith Phomhome

UI Designer

Designer at Design+Code


13 courses - 47 hours

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UI/UX Design with Mobbin and Figma

Mobbin is a powerful tool for UI/UX designers seeking inspiration and innovative design solutions. This platform offers a vast collection of real-world mobile app designs, providing a treasure trove of UI elements and layouts. To fully leverage Mobbin for your design projects, start by exploring the extensive library to find specific UI elements that align with your project's needs. Pay close attention to the latest trends and user experience strategies employed in these designs to ensure your project remains cutting-edge

2 hrs

course logo

3D UI Interactive Web Design with Spline

Learn to create 3D designs and UI interactions such as 3D icons, UI animations, components, variables, screen resize, scrolling interactions, as well as exporting, optimizing, and publishing your 3D assets on websites

3 hrs

course logo

Design and Prototype for iOS 17 in Figma

Crafting engaging experiences for iOS 17 and visionOS using the Figma design tool. Learn about Figma's new prototyping features, Dev Mode, variables and auto layout.

6 hrs

course logo

Design and Prototype Apps with Midjourney

A comprehensive course on transforming Midjourney concepts into interactive prototypes using essential design techniques and AI tools

8 hrs

course logo

iOS Design with Midjourney and Figma

Learn the fundamentals of App UI design and master the art of creating beautiful and intuitive user interfaces for mobile applications

1 hrs

course logo

UI Design for iOS, Android and Web in Sketch

Create a UI design from scratch using Smart Layout, Components, Prototyping in Sketch app

1 hrs

course logo

UI Design a Camera App in Figma

Design a dark, vibrant and curvy app design from scratch in Figma. Design glass icons, lens strokes and realistic buttons.

1 hrs

course logo

UI Design for iOS 16 in Sketch

A complete guide to designing for iOS 16 with videos, examples and design files

3 hrs

course logo

Prototyping in Figma

Learn the basics of prototyping in Figma by creating interactive flows from custom designs

1 hrs

course logo

UI Design Quick Websites in Figma

Learn how to design a portfolio web UI from scratch in Figma

1 hrs

course logo

UI Design Android Apps in Figma

Design Android application UIs from scratch using various tricks and techniques in Figma

2 hrs

course logo

UI Design Quick Apps in Figma

Design application UIs from scratch using various tricks and techniques in Figma

12 hrs

course logo

Figma Handbook

A comprehensive guide to the best tips and tricks in Figma

6 hrs

Test your knowledge of Design and Prototype for iOS 17 in Figma. Complete the course and get perfect results for this test to get your certificate.