Figma + Princple

Power up your design
by making animated

Principle Demo

Unleash your creativity with playful animations.

Designing the flow of a
multi-screen app
Principle is intuitive to use, even for beginners. Simply open your design from Figma and import in Principle. This will authorize your Figma design as a source.

Play with animation between objects like spring, ease-in, ease-out and transitions. You will have everything you need to create a realistic and delightful prototype that feels like an actual app, without having to learn to code.
Principle Section 1
Getting Started with Principle
Working with Drivers & Events
Principle Section 2
Multiple Scrolling
Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling
Principle Section 2
Working with Multiple Screens
Using Animate (Timeline)
Principle Section 2
Advanced Animations
Using Drivers & Events with next-level techniques
Principle Section 2
Components & Handover
Integrate all your compositions and share them