Last Update: 27 Aug 2018


Design System

Our design system helps us work together to create exceptional experience and craft beautiful products and features faster.

The Design+Code Design System houses reusable UI components, design patterns, and other resources to help us create products for our users. It's flexible and always evolving in order to serve the best experience for any context.

This system will help our designers and developers work together to ship high-quality products faster and more consistently while striving for a distinct design language.

Seamless Collaboration

As our team and products grow, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep everything in sync. We embedeed Figma components to ensure a perfect replica of the design on the site. These highly customizable components are built with React. Each designer and developer will work with the most up-to-date UI patterns to maintain cohesion across the teams.


Explore foundations of our design system including: Typography, Icons, Colors, Grids and more...


The logo is the most immediate representation of our company, our culture and our brand.


Embedded Figma components for visual reference.